Clinical Trial Protocols

Researchers in the Center are committed to transparency and use of best practices to maintain the integrity of our research.  Protocols for prospective trials completed by the Center are provided below.  To request access to data from federally-funded trials, please contact the corresponding author of the published trial.


BETR D Study: Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection (NCT01579370)

ASCOT Trial: Antimicrobial Scrub Contamination and Transmission (NCT02645214)

ARLG Study: Feasibility of Core Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions in Community Hospitals (NCT02212808)

Treatment impact on C. difficile environmental contamination (NCT02057198)

The DETOURS Trial: De-escalating Empiric Treatment: Opting-Out of Rx for Selected Patients with Suspected Sepsis (NCT03517007)

The Early 2RIS Study: Early Recognition and Response to Increases in Surgical Site Infections using Optimized Statistical Process Control Charts (NCT03075813)